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Aso Oke Handbags - the next African Print trend. - House of Prints

Aso Oke Handbags - the next African Print trend.


Bride wearing Blue & Orange Aso Oke

If you have ever been to a Nigerian party, you would have seen the ladies and men, wear colour matching head gears. Most times these head gears are made with Aso Oke.

Aso Oke is cloth made from cotton and is handwoven. Aso Oke originates from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria and is worn on special occasions. 

Bronze Aso Oke Couple goals

The process of making Aso Oke material is very long. First, the cotton used to weave the material needs to be planted and harvested. Once the cotton has been harvested and purified, the designs are able to start being created. What once was just plain cotton is turned into many different beautiful designs and colours of Aso Oke material.

Aso Oke is a gorgeous material which was once very traditional. However in the present day, Aso Oke is being used not only for clothes but for many other things such as shoes and accessories.

Aso Oke hand bags

Here at House of prints, we have used Aso Oke material to make beautiful bags, such as our Red Aso Oke Handbag, our Black Aso Oke Handbag and our Purple Aso Oke Handbag

We hope you love our range of Aso Oke handbags, perfect for a day out!


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