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A message to our customers!

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Our Story

A little bit about us.

Welcome to House of Prints, a fashion clothing brand oozing luxury and steeped in tradition. We are really passionate about promoting African culture through our unique Ankara, lace prints and letting our imagination shine through our unique and elegant apparel. With our long standing experience in the African fashion market we aim for the highest level of quality and tasteful designs.

Our 'Elegant' Prints

Our aim is to allow our passion for African prints and clothing to shine brightly through the products we sell. Hence, we only import Ankara fabrics of the best quality from trusted sources and you can feel rest assured that the product is of the highest quality.

We sell apparel for any occasion, whether that be for a formal wedding or a casual dinner party. Our hand-crafted prints will make sure your dress is the highlight of the occasion and your wardrobe. 

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Our mission

Everything from the first sketches of a new pattern, the choice of the colour ranges, fabric and finish is done in-house by our own teams. We want both men and women to experience the beauty of African tradition, hence we expertly designed our fabrics and clothing keeping all of our customers in mind. It is unique in its own right by using our personal sense and well established experience to create beautiful prints. House of Prints is made for everyone and every day. 

Our Stunning Collections

African Lace

Available in various sizes and a wide array of beautiful colours to choose from.

Bridal Lace

These laces have style written all over them. These will catch everyone's eyes through their beauty. 

Julius Holland

This is for both men and women around the world, focused for those who are curious, sophisticated and fashion orientated

Kente, Tribal and Aztec Fabric

Through these classic fabrics, a strong sense of identity personal vision and respect for traditions shines through.

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Update your wardrobe with our  elegant 'Ankara' fabrics and laces and become a part of our journey to celebrate traditional prints with modern designs. 

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