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Green Sequin Prom Dress - House of Prints

Green Sequin Prom Dress


As we all know it is prom season and everyone has been looking amazing. It can be difficult to find the perfect outfit for the special night which is why we love doing bespoke orders to ensure you look amazing!

We made a gorgeous green sequin dress  for a beautiful girl for her prom night and she looked out of this world.

Of course, prom dresses can be expensive an most of the time people never wear them again. 

But who says you can't wear it to a wedding, maybe as part of the bridal party. Or you could even wear it to a fancy evening event. 

As well as that, there is also the choice of having the dress tailored so you can wear it to other events such as birthday parties. you could make the dress look less formal by making it shorter perhaps.

There is always an opportunity to wear your gorgeous prom dress again, you just need to find the perfect way to wear it.

Using our bespoke services, you could make your dress shorter, or you could even make it into a two piece, ensuring that you are able to wear it again.


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