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Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee Outfits - House of Prints

Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee Outfits


 Celebrating the Queen!

Hello everybody?

As you all know, it is the Queen's Platinum Jubilee this weekend. The Platinum Jubilee marks her 70th year as Queen. And with her Jubilee coming up, we were thinking about how beautiful she always looks.

There must be a lot of thought that goes into what the Queen wears. She always looks stylish. I mean look at what she wore for the Royal Variety Performance in 1999.

How amazing does she look!

So thinking about Queen Elizabeth made us think about our queen and what she would look like wearing African prints.

Madda Hilda- an African interpretation of Bridgeton - YouTube

I think everyone notices that Queen Elizabeth loves her brightly coloured outfits, so we gave our Queen the same.

I think we did a great job making our Queen look amazing, but let's be honest, she is nothing like Queen Elizabeth, but we tried our best.

We are certainly looking forward to seeing what the Queen wears for her Platinum Jubilee celebrations. I am 100% positive that she will look gorgeous as always.

Now let's get ready for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations!

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