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What Issik Woman Are You? - House of Prints

What Issik Woman Are You?


With Mother’s Day around the corner, we at House of Prints are wondering… What kind of woman are you?

Are you the denim woman? The woman who thinks that denim is an essential in the wardrobe. If you are, we have some amazing denim jackets that you would love.

Are you the active woman? You make sure that a workout is part of your daily routine. If so, we have very comfy active wear, perfect for a workout.

Are you the stylish woman? Are you always the one everyone goes to for fashion advice and style tips? If the answer is yes then we have many outfits to choose from online.

Are you the flirty woman? The woman who always unintentionally makes an effort but always knows they look good. If you’re the flirty one, we have some gorgeous skirts to make you look fabulous.

Are you the casual woman? Do you decide what you are wearing depending on the day? The woman who looks good being casual. If that’s so, we have a great collection of outfits in our womenswear section.

Are you the elegant woman? The woman who decides to dress up every day no matter what the occasion. If you are, look at our beautiful dresses, there will definitely be something to make you stand out.

Are you the day and night woman? Are you the woman who turns up for work ready for a busy day, then as soon as night hits, you are already ready for your date? If this reminds you of you, have a look at our clothing and maybe even pick out a stunning handbag to finish the look.

We would love to know what kind of woman you are. Whether it’s flirty or casual. Elegant or active. Or maybe you’re more than one. We want to celebrate every type of woman with the arrival of Mother’s Day. Women deserve to be treated, so think about what kind of woman you are and treat yourself, because you deserve it!

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